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ALTER M715 Deluxe


Clear Aperature mm178
Focal ratiof/15
Focallength mm2670±100
Back focus15-290
Photographic field of View0°54'
Optical quality for wave length (λ) 0,63 mkm 
(P-V) λ/ 8 or better
CKO (RMS)0,03
Magnification of system 
with eyepiece (12mm or 21 mm)225/128х
with eyepiece and 2.4 x Barlow Lens540/308х
Central obstruction27%
Focusingby adjustment of the main mirror
Material of body partsaluminum
Material of primary and secondary mirrorsLK7, LK5 (Sital) with reflective aluminum coating and SiO2 protected
Tube (length, diameter)555,220
Tubeweight kg6

1 Optical tube assemble – 1pc..
2 Finder (10х50) with finder bracket – 1pc.
3 Eyepiece (12 mm or 21 mm) -1 pc.
4 Barlow Lens - 1pc.
5 Diagonal Mirror – 1pc.
6 Piggy Back cameramount – 1pc.
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