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This most compact of all Intes Micro Maksutov Cassegrains already has all the great features of the larger models. In addition it is extremely compact and portable. Good photographical tripods carry this telescope easily. This makes the Alter M500 an ultra-compact all-purpose telescope that is ideally suited for airline travelling. With the optional focal reducer (0.55x) you turn the Alter M500 into a powerful astronomical telephoto lens for top-grade Deep Sky astro-photography. The focal ratio is reduced to f/5.5 for shorter exposure times and a larger photographical field

Clear Aperature mm127
Focal ratiof/10
Focallength mm1270±100
Back focus30-220
Photographic field of View1° 54 ‘
Optical quality for wave length (λ) 0,63 mkm 
(P-V) λ/ 6 or better
CKO (RMS)0,041
Magnification of system 
with eyepiece (12mm or 21 mm)105/60х
with eyepiece and 2.4 x Barlow Lens250/144х
Central obstruction34%
Focusingby adjustment of the main mirror
Material of body partsaluminum
Material of primary and secondary mirrorsLK7, LK5 (Pyrex) with reflective aluminum coating and SiO2 protected
Tube (length, diameter)370,173
Tubeweight kg3,4

1 Optical tube assemble – 1pc..
2 Finder (7x35) with finder bracket – 1pc.
3 Eyepiece (12 mm or 21 mm) -1 pc.
5 Diagonal Mirror – 1pc.
6 Piggy Back cameramount – 1pc.
7 Caring case - 1pc.
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