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Here you will find information for both the amateur and professional astronomer, as well as information on our full line of high-quality telescopes and telescope accessories.

Let us begin by telling you a bit of our history… Since Galileo a telescope became the main instrument in better knowledge of Universe. Scientific discoveries were and are obliged to fine instruments. Yet everybody can open Universe for himself. During the WW II Russian designers Maksutov and Navashin constructed the first compact meniscus telescope named Maksutov which became the main instrument for amateur astronomers worldwide. "The Maksutov is superior to any other telescope, provided its optics is of high quality. Tolerances are very small, slight imperfections in mirrors or lens or in the optical alignment become glaring defects. Workmanship must be painstaking, tedious and near perfect. Consequently, the Maksutov is an expensive instrument but in the long run well worth its price" (Neale E.Howard, "The Telescope Handbook and Star Atlas"). Manufacturing Cooperative INTES was found in Moscow in 1991 by an entusiastic group of technicians and engineers. It was transformed to INTES MICRO. One of the first ideas to implement by this group was creation of 150 mm Maksutov scope under the order of Moscow planetarium. INTES MICRO is engaged into developing, manufacturing and exporting high class Russian-made Telescope Tube Assemblies (OTA) and accessories for experienced (professional) amateur astronomers. For over the past 12 years we deliver our instruments to many countries, such as Germany, Japan, USA, Korea, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland and other. The telescopes of INTES from Moscow, Russia, have realised a very big interest in Europe and the United States since the introduction on the market. This is not wi¬thout reason. The telescopes from INTES have outstanding optical quality, which we¬re once only available from other manufacturers at much higher prices. Many custo¬mers around the world have tested the quality of the optics and powerful performan¬ce. The telescopes from INTES and INTES MICRO are not mass produced. They are manufactured with a great deal of astronomical enthusiasm and with love for de¬tails. The following WEB page contain information about the optics and telescopes from INTES MICRO with specifications and technical data
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